Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heading out

Most often in GriggsDakota the words "heading out" mean leaving. For example:   "I'm heading out to town. Do you need anything?" But this time of year it has another meaning. 
Farmer Fred was out checking the winter wheat field. He was looking to see if it was "in the boot." The flag leaf grows to the top of the plant and there is a swelling of the stem below the flag leaf. This is where the seeds which will become our crop first form.
He quickly noticed that the wheat is heading out.
The crop has been thriving since it was planted last fall, with good snow cover, a March melt, sunny April, cool early May weather, and warm moist conditions since.
The size of the heads is impressive and in about six weeks this wheat will be ready to harvest. If the heads would fill fully there would be a bountiful yield. As its maturation continues, we will deal with disease, insects, wind, heavy rain and hail, or drought. Any one of these things could significantly alter the potential we see in the field tonight.
The yellow spikiness visible across the top of this lush field are the beards of the plant just peeking out of the stalks of wheat. It is replacing the soft green of the leaves that was there just this morning.
We're enjoying the long light days of June. With Sunrise around 5:30am and Sunset after 9:30pm, it is hard to keep track of the hour on the clock. Morning is there to greet me when I open my eyes and Evening lingers long in GriggsDakota. Shall we call this photo: 
"Sunset over heading Wheat"?
 The first of 2010.

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  1. Great site, saw your blog site address on #agchat your wheat looks better than ours, got rust a few weeks back and is dying. Will start to cut winter canola this weekend. Keep up the good work. Twitter KC9FVK website: