Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Checking for Thrips

Grandpa had a plaque that read:
A Farmer is a Man Outstanding in His Field.

Now Farmer Fred is often the one who is out standing in his field.
"There's No Rest for the Wicked," so Farmer Fred had dressed up and spent an hour in church before setting out to check for thrips in the barley.
Our late barley is in the boot stage. That means that the head structure is fully formed and located in the swelled portion of the stem visible above.
Farmer Fred chooses a stem randomly and opens it. He is looking for tiny black moving specks that are barley thrips. If they are present in sufficient numbers, we will have to spray insecticide on this barley.
He carefully opens the stem to reveal the formed head.
And finds only two thrips inside this impressive head.
The good news is the thrip population is well below the number that would require spraying.
Today things are Outstanding in the Field.

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