Friday, June 18, 2010

Alfalfa in the Canola

At first glance this looks like a weedy canola field.
But a closer look reveals that there has been alfalfa seeded with this Clearfield Canola.
Both canola and alfalfa are small seeds that require a shallow seeding depth. The seeds were mixed together before they were run through the drill as one crop. They will grow together for the 2010 season. Alfalfa, when properly managed, is of benefit to the land on which it grows because it can add nitrogen through its root system.
The alfalfa does not produce a crop during its first season. It will establish in this field as the canola blooms and forms seed pods. The canola will be cut and combined later this summer. The alfalfa will live through the winter and grow up from its roots to produce an alfalfa crop in 2011 and then again in 2012 before the ground will be worked and the crop rotated to another GriggsDakota field.
 The canola will begin blooming within a week and the alfalfa will make it look weedy, but not to worry. There is a method to Farmer Fred's madness in GriggsDakota!

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  1. would like to know if the canola-alfalfa mix was a success.