Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AdFarm Corn: Up By Memorial Day

Traditional wisdom tells us:  Corn should be out of the ground by Memorial Day and Knee High by the Fourth of July. 
So far, so good.
Regular rains have made the ground wet. 
The ruts in the ground left by the tractor tires indicate that this ground was wet when Robbie planted ten days ago. Since that time we have had four inches of rain. The water logged areas will need to dry out quickly or the plants will sprout and die.
In other areas of the field the rain has made for easy emergence. The Case IH 1200 planter spaces the seeds evenly at about seven inches. Even germination and emergence of the seedlings will lead to better yields. A seed that germinates later than the others is destined to produce less. Its leaves are shaded by older plants during the important early stage of growth and  cannot gather the energy to produce what it should.
Farmer Fred will be out measuring on the Fourth of July. I hope this corn can measure up to Farmer Fred's knees.

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