Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where is Silver Lake?

Laura left Plum Creek and moved to the Shores of Silver Lake. GriggsDakota is on the shores of Pickeral Lake. 
In 1923 Silver Lake was drained and no longer exists. The historical society is very sad about that and hands out these copies of the news article announcing the project. 
In 1909 Pickeral Lake was drained, according to the Aneta Panorama, but it was only lowered and not eliminated. Because of erosion and general muck settled in this gravel bottom lake, the effort was made to keep it closer to its historic size and depth. During the dusty 1930's, it was nearly dry in some parts. In the flooding 1990's, it covered roads and spread into farmsteads.
Sweet Violets still grow nearby, just as Laura observed in her stories.
Pickeral Lake is a silver prairie lake. When the wind calms down in the evening, glassy water reflects sky and shimmers like treasure.

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