Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Right Rock

Farmer Fred has been using the Wishek disk to break up alfalfa ground. This ground has not been tilled for years.
It is a good opportunity to pull up rocks that have been pushed to the surface. The process of freezing and thawing that takes place annually in GriggsDakota causes rocks, dropped by an ancient glacier, to move toward the surface.
For the most part, rocks are picked, dumped in piles out of the way, and later buried. Occasionally, Farmer Fred finds a rock that could be useful in the yard. He stood this one on end so that we could easily locate it in the field.
Later we go out and pick it up.
Butler decides to supervise this job. He barks orders,
Then steps aside,
So that Farmer Fred can do the heavy lifting. 
This flat rock will be useful as a stepping stone in a muddy spot or a place to drop tools so that they don't get lost in the weeds - I mean vegetation.

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