Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red Ball on the Job

Farmer Fred has the Red Ball Sprayer putting down liquid nitrogen on our winter wheat.
Robbie has flags posted on the field as markers for N-rich strips. These strips of ground will test what the field is capable of producing when nitrogen is not a limiting factor.
From the cab of the Case IH 8930 tractor Farmer Fred can see precisely what the field needs and what the sprayer is applying.
It looks like a lot to manage to me. The systems guide and analyze.
The Raven Controller manages all sprayer operations.
This is the Case IH Easy Guide 500 guidance system. Its color screen works to prevent skips and overlaps.
The pressure guage on the front of the sprayer helps the operator achieve an even application.
We add this to the tank to keep spray mixes from getting sudsy. The No Foam agent makes sure we get the water ratios correctly formulated in the tank.
There are six GreenSeeker sensors mounted on the booms.
Each apparatus takes an infrared reading of the plants beneath it as it passes.
Each nozzle is fitted with a yellow stream bar that applies the liquid nitrogen.
Farmer Fred wears his beautiful turquoise protective gloves as he replaces a broken stream bar.
The goal of this pass over the field is to apply the exact amount of nitrogen to encourage optimum growth while gathering information that will be of value as the season progresses.

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