Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Old Handkerchieves and a Bride.

It is no secret that there is a bride-to-be in GriggsDakota. We have announced it for all the world to know. 
Ever since YesSir Mike posed that important question, then slipped an engagement ring on her finger, our bride-to-be has been planning. During this planning I have learned that Farmhand Kirsti likes old handkerchieves. 
In my youth these were used to wipe your nose. Grandmother kept one tucked in the sleeve of her sweater near her watch. A handkerchief cost less than a dollar and you could buy one anywhere. They were slipped into cards on occasions as a thoughtful gift.  
They were beautiful. This one is handmade with tatted lace and embroidery on a small square of silk, though most were made of fine cotton or linen. Ladies handkerchieves were pretty, gentlemen's handkerchieves were white on Sunday and red bandanas for work. Everyone had a stack of them. Kirsti, of course, likes the ladies hankies.
Kirsti asked me, "Where is the box of Grandma's hankies?"
Where indeed? In this dresser? 
She had already looked there. The search began. 
In the nightstand? 
We found some in a cute old box, but not the box that she was looking for. As with most vintage things in GriggsDakota, our handkerchieves are not a collection, neatly kept. Rather we have an accumulation here and there. 
Hankies were printed to celebrate holidays such as Easter, Valentine's Day or Christmas.
The colors and variation of design were endless. Each was laundered and ironed, then reused until it was tattered. Somewhere along the line, women discovered Kleenex and hankies were put away in a pretty box.
Hankies are beautiful and vintage and perfect for whatever Farmhand Kirsti decides they will enhance at her wedding.

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