Friday, May 21, 2010

Fertilizing AdFarm Corn Acres

Farmer Fred is filling the Wilrich Drill with fertilizer to apply to the corn ground.
We are applying a blended fertilizer which is dumped from the truck box, so it can travel by auger up to the box on the Wilrich. The blend is nitrogen, phosphorous, sulpher, and zinc.
The box is soon full so the cover is flipped down and locked.
The ground is still wet and Farmer Fred nearly becomes stuck as he goes around the edge of the field.
The photo only hints at how muddy this ground is.
The soil is wet enough to hold a shape and suck the tires down into its ooze.
It sticks to this dead tree. Turn left, please.
The dust rising up as he drives by is misleading. It comes from the trash on the surface of the field.
The Wilrich improves the seedbed as it applies the fertilizer. It cultivates, then smoothes with harrow teeth.
Packer wheels are rolling on the rear of the implement.

It tills and kills the weeds as it passes.
The hoses need to stay open for the fertilizer to be properly applied.
Farmer Fred checks them and makes adjustment before resuming the work.
The planter will be arriving soon.

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