Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AdFarm Update

The weather has been cold and rainy. I decided to drive out and see how the AdFarm ground looks. I noticed that there is volunteer winter wheat growing on the headlands of the field.
The lone tree is where the bus stops on the farm tour, so this is a look back at the headlands. Winter wheat is a very tough plant that has survived disking, cultivating, and spray. It only survived on the headlands, where it missed a spray pass, but amazed Farmer Fred with its tenacity. The wheat germinated last fall, survived the winter, and now will be controlled with the field cultivator before planting corn.
Although the tree looks barren, it has buds that will surely burst when our temperatures warm, which is forecast to happen by the weekend. It appears that hungry deer have nipped off the buds that they can reach.
The tracks nearby confirm this theory in my mind. These were probably made early this morning and the surface has dried out in the wind of the day. As I was leaving some light sprinkles began again. The soil temperatures are cooling as the rain soaks in. Farmer Fred reports that we have had only 8 heat units in May compared to the average of 60. 
We never want to wish away rain, but are hoping that we can get into the field soon and resume planting.

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