Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sundahl Church

Our GriggsDakota church is celebrating its 125th Anniversary. 
Welcome Home!

Have you ever peeked through the windows in these doors
to see this?
Have you walked down this aisle?
Were you baptized with water from this font?
Have you knelt at this railing
to beg forgiveness or make a sacred promise?
Have you walked up these steps
to be inspired by this view?
Have you listened for this bell to ring?
Are you or your family members pictured in this book?
Have you walked through this door?
Or this door?
Have you eaten from these plates
and drunk coffee from these cups?
Have you listened to the Scriptures being read in this sanctuary?
And heard the Good News from this pulpit?
Then in some way, Sundahl Lutheran is your church. 
Welcome Home! Click Here to learn more history and information.

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