Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stuck and Stuck

When the soil is sticky and the ground boggy
It is very easy to become stuck in the mud of Springtime.
When you need help, you will get cheerful assistance.
Everyone who has operated a tractor through a few GriggsDakota planting seasons has been stuck. Robbie quickly gave up his plan for an evening bike ride to come to Farmer Fred's rescue.
Robbie hooks the chain to the loop on the front axle of the Stuck CaseIH 8950 tractor.
Farmer Fred loops the chain around the sturdy frame of the Selford.
A first attempt is made, but Farmer Fred notices a problem.
Robbie brings the tool box over 
and adjustments are made to the chain.
The pulling begins in earnest and soon
There are two tractors stuck. Time to go home for tonight. These two tractors are going nowhere tonight. We will get these out in the morning.
Though the job was frustrating the GriggsDakota sunset kept us smiling.

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