Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Hauling Manure

In GriggsDakota, Spring cleaning is not limited to house cleaning.
The pens and barns need to scooped out with a Bobcat skid steer loader to clean up the mess left by the livestock.
We hired Retzlaff Bobcat and Manure Service 

 who arrived with a Bobcat and three manure spreaders.
We provide a tractor and driver to operate each wagon.
Mr. Retzlaff operates the Bobcat which loads the spreaders. He is an efficient planner and operator with his Bobcat loader which really impressed Grandpa Sonny and others who are experienced in this particular type of cleanup duty.
As a load pulls away, an empty spreader wagon pulls up.
As the wagon drives out, I notice there is still a little snow in the mix. The cold makes Spring a better time to haul manure than fall when the ground holds summer heat. The odor is hardly noticeable on this Spring morning. After the heat of summer it would burn your eyes just to look at the pictures!
With three wagons working continuously, we are hauling about fifteen loads per hour.
up the road
and onto a stubble field where it is spread as fertilizer.
The drivers work in rows to evenly distribute this organic fertilzer to the field.
The cost of spreading fertilizer onto fields is similar to the cost of commercial fertilizer. The humus it adds is very beneficial to the soil composition.
Back to the yard to get another load and the Spring Cleaning will continue. 

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