Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recycle the Waste

The Spring cleaning continues in GriggsDakota.
Though we've updated the equipment, the process of cleaning up organic waste and applying it back to the soil has been a farming practice from early days. 
Every successful gardener in GriggsDakota has had access to a pile of well rotted manure, 
which is the same product available in garden stores by the bag.
When hauled onto a field fresh from a pen, it will take time before the mix can break down into usable fertilizer for a crop.
It must be dug into the existing soil, as illustrated on the left above, to help it decompose into nutrients for future crops.
We accomplish that by digging it in with our Wishek disk.
The heavy discs will cut the surface trash left from last year's crop and incorporate that in with the top soil and manure.
The harrow teeth that follow the discs comb the surface to smooth it out.
The dust behind the disk is from the stubble and not the soil which is damp rather than dusty. The field will benefit from the richness of this organic process in the seasons ahead. 

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