Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out of the Mud

Day dawned bright and beautiful with the tractors still stuck in the mud. There is no magic in GriggsDakota except for the magic of this glorious April day.
Don drives the Case-IH 9280 around to the front of the parade.
Farmer Fred and Bill are waiting to hook up the Case-IH 9170 so that it can be pulled out first.
With one smooth pull, the tractor is out of the mud.
Don decides to come around and pull the Case-IH 8950 and Wishek Disk out from behind. Bill and Farmer Fred hook it up.
Everyone gets out of the way as the 9280 pulls the pair out of the mud and up to higher ground.
The path left behind is impressive. The front tractor tire looks like the dome of a muskrat house.
Farmer Fred decides that this is not a day for disking. 
He drives off with the others.
The muddy parade passes by. The GriggsDakota Tractor Army moves on.

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