Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greasing Every Zerk, then Seeding Begins!

Robbie is greasing the Salford RTS (Residue Tillage Specialist). When an implement is used for the first time in a season, it requires that it be greased at every zerk. This machine has more moving parts than other tillage implements and in order to keep them all moving properly, they all must be greased. 
A zerk is a small fitting to which grease can be applied. It allows grease to enter an area, then holds it in. It keeps the grease on the moving part so that it turns easily. That keeps the bearing from overheating and seizing as it turns.
The green substance in the photo above is grease as it comes out of the grease gun. Grease is a petroleum based product that works like oil, however it is a solid substance. It is thicker and richer than oil so that it can be held in place by the zerk.
There are over a hundred places to grease on this machine.
Regular greasing will allow the Salford to run efficiently and will increase the useful life of the machine.
The nozzle fits onto the zerk as Robbie squeezes the handle of the grease gun.
After this initial greasing, additional grease will be applied to specified zerks throughout the season, based on hours of use. A few will need greasing after ten hours of use, others after forty hours. Spring requires this tedious work, but we hope it will pay off in smooth days ahead.
We started seeding barley yesterday. Our Concord Drill is seeding registered Celebration Barley into last year's soybean ground. Three cheers for a warm and sunny April!

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