Monday, April 12, 2010

AdFarm Farm: 2010

AdFarmers Plan for 2010 Crop
The AdFarm ND farm will be planting corn in 2010.
Farmer Fred has always been fond of raising corn.
During the second half of the AdFarm ND Farm meeting on April 7, prospective 2010 AdFarm shareholders learned that corn performs well in a rotation following pinto beans. Above are the pinto beans on the AdFarm acres last summer.
Participating farmer Fred Lukens explained the rationale for selecting corn and the corn variety Pioneer 39D97.
 Pioneer 39D97 is a 79 day double stacked (Round-up Ready and Corn borer resistant) variety. 39D97 will be planted on 80% of the acres and will be paired with Pioneer 39D95 for the required 20% corn borer refuge acres.
Pioneer 39D97 has been in the GriggsDakota corn plot for the past two years, averaging 137 bushel per acre in the plots. It’s been the lowest moisture corn in the GriggsDakota test plots for each of these years. 

 Click Here to visit the day we harvested the corn plot last fall in GriggsDakota. 

Fred says, “These past two years have not been good corn years in our part of the world. Even with the cool weather, 39D97 has had an above average yield. It was the yield leader in our 2009 plot.“
Lukens showed the group the 2009 plot results from six Northeast ND farms.   Pioneer 39D97 averaged 147 bushels per acre in these plots, winning 83% of the trials. He added, “Any corn variety that wins more than 70% of plot competitions with like varieties is exceptional.“

Click Here to read more about this variety from Pioneer.
Lukens explained how long range weather forecasting provided by Planalytics helped him decide to plant more corn acres on his own farm in 2010. Prospective AdFarm shareholders looked at the Planalytics weather forecast for July 2010. July 2010 appears to be warmer than average with adequate rainfall.
The AdFarm ND farm crop budget is targeting a 130-bushel per acre yield goal. Farm boss Les Kahl said, “We’re excited about the prospects for our 2010 corn crop. We’re planning to use several Client products in the production of our corn. Our AdFarm motto is Crazy about FarmingWe are, and this a great way to show it.” 
 As a new season approaches, we plan to begin again.

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