Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turning Green

We're waiting for the world to turn green in GriggsDakota. Our rivers have too much ice in them to be colored green like they do in Chicago.  This event has always fascinated me. Turning a river green, really?!
We settle for turning our food green on St. Patrick's Day. We start by sprinkling green sugar on the oatmeal.
We'll move on to preparing green Jell-O. 
We'll microwave green vegetables.
We will mix green food coloring into mashed potatoes, cream cheese, or sour cream.
We'll season things with green herbs, preferably chopped with a green knife.
We'll pour green syrup into coffee, milk, and over ice cream.
Our very own green GriggsDakota River. Farmer Fred does have a drop of Irish blood and it must have been just enough to bring the luck of the Irish to this family.
He isn't Irish, but he had the luck to arrive on St. Patrick's Day. Happy Birthday Wishek Nathan! 

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