Friday, March 26, 2010

Thawing Out

When I stopped to take this picture yesterday morning, the temperature was in the low teens fahrenheit and the wind was blowing. It felt very wintery. But this is proof of Spring in GriggsDakota. The sun is rising North of the road. It has come back to where it was Last Fall when it was moving away from us for the winter. 
More geese are joining the flock each day. Their calls sound like music after our long, too often silent winter.
There are eagles in the area, which cattleman Jim tells me are likely responsible for the ever smaller flock of turkeys in GriggsDakota. Now that the snow is leaving, I hope the eagles find other dining options.
Today I heard a radio report that expressed optimism for a mid-April start date for planting in our area. I hope that comes to pass as getting the seed into the ground (warmed and dry - not mudded into cold ground) is linked to harvest success. Next week is forecast to bring real Springtime temperatures to GriggsDakota. We can hardly wait! 

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