Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geese Return!

As the snow continues to shrink, the river valley has filled with water. Although there is some flooding, it does not seem to be disastrous this year. That could change with additional rain or snow, but so far, so good.
A sure sign of Spring is the return of Canada Geese to the area. These geese gone for a few months every winter, but return faithfully as soon as there is open water. Man-made Nesting Structures have been important to the repopulation of this majestic water bird which was nearly extinct in 1920.
Pairs of geese will begin to nest soon. Since they return to the same area yearly to nest, we will have several nesting pairs close by. Spring is definitely on its way.

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  1. Believe these beautiful birds are named Canada Geese... :-)) - but their return is always welcome news! kl
    Enjoy so very much your stories photos and - all - of life on the prarie!