Monday, March 29, 2010

Geese Overhead

On Sunday Spring weather arrived. The temperature was in the upper fifties fahrenheit, sunny and not much of a breeze. As you can see, the sky was cloudless, but it was not clear.
It was filled with migrating geese.
The precision is fascinating to watch and the geese made beautiful designs in the clear blue sky. Their instincts are keen and their process made me a little dizzy as I tried to watch it closely.
They change positions as they fly, so although their structure is usually some form of a V-shape, it is rarely perfect. I believe the imperfect V's indicate snow geese. However, I saw large imperfect V's that contained perfect V's within their hem.  It was evening when I took these photos and I wondered if they had a plan to travel to a certain place or if they would listen for a friendly call from the ground somewhere. I remember hearing local geese call in a migrating flock during the night on our lake. Geese are strong flyers and often fly around the clock.
Changing of the lead position occurs often. That is the most strenuous position in the formation. When the leader tires, it will fall back and others take their turn.
Hunters are tracking the migration through the fly way.
The sky is so big that it is hard for my camera lens to capture the seemingly endless trail of geese heading North to their summer nesting areas. I believe at least some of these geese are snows and blues. I have seen these geese with Canada geese on the ground and I cannot distinguish them very well when they are flying this high. Fall migration occurs in family groups which, of course are specie specific, but Spring seems to be more of a gathering and mingling. 
A few clouds drifted across the western horizon which helped to paint this Spring sunset. A beautiful end to a glorious day.

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  1. What a wonderful site!! We are in Arkansas, but I am watching your blog for the sign of spring we need before returning. Love the sounds of those temperatures!!! Marilyn L.