Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farmhand Kirsti

Remember last May 15th when Farmhand Kirsti welcomed you to GriggsDakota? She was the originator of this blog and took charge of it while she spent her last college break in GriggsDakota. 
The summer flew by and when she headed back to college, I took over the blog. She is now finished with college and working at Northern Plains Electric Cooperative where she is a communications assistant. 
Today is her birthday.
Instead of Farmhand Kirsti, we could have called her Helping Hand Kirsti for that is how people think of her. Here, she is helping out by selling water to the crowd before the Medora Musical one summer night.
Kirsti loves to eat artichokes and cake without frosting.
So her birthday cakes were usually frosting free.
But she smiled, even when her mother forgot that cake with frosting is too sweet.
 The world will soon learn what her family and friends have always known about her.
When Kirsti is in the picture,
Standing by your side,
Or holding you in her arms,
You are very lucky indeed. 
Happy Birthday Kirsti from all of us at GriggsDakota!

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