Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vintage Button Bracelet

Old buttons are plentiful in GriggsDakota. For generations women have sewed and I have continued that tradition. Because of this passion I have always been attracted to the jars or tins of old buttons at garage sales and auctions. I have purchased some and have access to the family assortment. They include extras and buttons clipped off well used garments by generations of home sewers. I enjoy working with them. My Grandma used to crochet old buttons together with stretchy silver thread to make bracelets.
Above is my very own button bracelet made for me by my grandmother many years ago. She made quite a few of these when I was in elementary school. You can see that she used beads to enhance the buttons she chose. The bracelet shows its age. Much of the stretch is gone and I keep in a box by itself. I want it safe from hooks and tangles. The thread is fragile.
Grandma was usually a knitter, and this is the only time I saw her crochet. She was always capable with a thread, but preferred yarn by the time she was my grandmother.
I think these might be the most lovely buttons on earth. Whenever I pull out my tins or stand before a wall of buttons at the fabric store, my mind wanders to this bracelet. I wore this bracelet to school and remember counting the buttons at my desk. Do beads count separately or are they then part of the button on which they are placed to enhance the color and drama? I didn't know then, I don't know now.

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