Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to: Sweethearts Candy Poetry Valentines

Among the favorite Valentines we have ever created are those made with Sweethearts Candies.
 I purchase one box per child and dump each in a separate container.
Then gather ribbon, lace, stickers, paper, glue, tape, scissors, and crayons or markers to create Valentines with heartfelt messages. Such as:
A message such as this would cause hysterical laughter. Some of the kids would have very short, nonsensical sentences because they ate so many hearts. Robbie never used pink hearts in his messages. Well, he is a boy. I learned years later it was because pink was his favorite flavor of heart. He didn't want to waste pink hearts by dipping them in glue!
Kirsti took a poetry class as a college English major. Her turn to present fell near Valentine's Day and she decided to teach heart poetry to the class. She wrote a serious poem to fulfill the assignment, but spent most of her allotted class time making Valentines with her classmates. The other students loved it and no one had never done it before. Her teacher, Larry Woiwode is a famous author who is a serious poet. He gave her a B, but later relented and offered to raise her grade. Perhaps he had become a secret Sweethearts poet.
Sweethearts poetry by Kirsti is interesting to watch. She prefers to buy the bigger bags of the candy. That way she can read some of the messages on the hearts and be sure that they are well printed. She sorts the hearts into columns.
The ribbons and lace were left off these cards. Kirsti prefers to concentrate on the message.
After sorting through my four small boxes of Sweethearts, she decided that some words would be added with a Sharpie. 
Great idea! Although it seemed a little like cheating to her, it makes it more fun for me. 
Enlarge this photo to read the message to her one and only Sweetheart.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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