Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pushing Snow!

The fields are quiet.
The snow cover is beautiful and deep.

Therein lies the work.

We have grain to haul.

The hay and straw needs to be hauled to the cattle daily.

We can't drive equipment through it.
And so, we move snow.
Farmer Fred uses the tractor with a blade attached to the back.

He pushes and clears paths for the trucks, tractors and augers we will need when grain hauling begins.
He slowly builds up ridges of snow that ring the cleared area.
He then raises the blade and drives forward through the cleared path.
Bill uses the loader to clear snow by the shed,
Then helps clear snow in the yard to get the trucks out of their winter storage.
Piled high and drifting in,
These snow piles continue to grow, but we know Spring will come eventually. 
For now, iced over, snow covered, ditches filled with snow.
This is the winter road to GriggsDakota.

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