Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prairie Castles

Our barley has gone to the castle. A place where only the finest barley is accepted. It is hard to imagine how much malting barley is in this elevator at one time, or how much passes through it in a season.
On a busy day there would be more than 20 trucks, mostly semis, lined up waiting to deliver malting barley.
Some would have traveled by truck over hundreds of miles and some might arrive from near by.
Each truck would stop here to have the load probed and sampled. Standards are stringent and carefully monitored. This is where a load would be rejected, if it did not meet malting standards.
The bin's air intake ducts are about ten feet tall.
You can see the top of it as the bin rises up to the sky.
There are automated features that makes moving the grain and loading it onto the train an efficient operation.
It was quiet here as the sun was ready to set, but easy to imagine the hustle that tomorrow will bring.
There will be trucks lined up all along the road marked TRUCK ROUTE on the left and circling around onto the main road where I stand at the rail crossing to snap the photo. This is where the process starts.
 A freight train will take the barley to a malting plant. 

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