Monday, February 15, 2010

Planning: What's New?

In the winter when field work is at a stand still, farmers begin to plan the upcoming crop season. One of the first steps is learning what is on the horizon.
Farmer Fred does this by reading the many farm magazines that come in our mail.
He listens to the Red River Farm Network faithfully and travels to educational farm seminars whenever he can. 
He attended the Lake Region Roundup which is held in January each year and sponsored by North Dakota Extension Service.
And likes to find a place where Brian and Darren Hefty of Hefty Seed Company are speaking. 
Both seminars provide lunch and abundant information and insight for planning the coming crop season.
It is impossible to keep up with the ever changing business of farming without the experts. We appreciate the knowledge of writers and broadcasters on a daily basis. It is a treat to learn from North Dakota Extension and private business such as Hefty Seed Company. These days energize and encourage the farmers in attendance and are a key to planning the next crop.

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