Monday, February 22, 2010

More Snow to Move

When our grain bins are along a trail with this sign on it, we clear the road ourselves.
When the bins were built, this road was traveled regularly all winter long. But there are fewer occupied farms now, and the cost of keeping roads open has increased. Farmer Fred has been successful in clearing the road before I arrive with a camera.
Remember last summer when our friends with trucks helped us deliver part of our barley to the elevator? Another part of the barley was contracted for winter delivery. It has been stored in bins on the farm. That spreads out our work load and improves the flow of grain to market.
The air is crisp and there is a bit of heat in the sun today. Highs are predicted to be around 20 degrees fahrenheit. Fred has piled some of the snow into the farmstead.
Back and forth pushing the snow out of the way of the trucks and equipment needed to haul the grain in the bin to the elevator. Each bin site takes hours of patient work.
It is much easier to thoroughly clear the snow away than to deal with getting stuck in it. 
The elevator is ready for us to deliver on our Busch barley contract. More on that tomorrow.

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