Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the News

Farmer Fred is one who likes to cooperate with the media. He values agricultural supply companies and believes farmers need to have a voice in product analysis. 
 Fred is generous with his time when it comes to filling out surveys on paper, by phone, or online. 
We invite agricultural professionals from the media and ag-related companies to our farm tour each July. This gives them a first hand look at what we do on our farm. 
If others are going to know what a farmer thinks, there has to be a farmer willing to share opinions and answer questions. Occasionally this cooperative spirit leads to an interview and a mention in a story in a farm magazine. In March of 2009 Lon Tonneson featured him in an article in The Dakota Farmer .  This month TopProducer writer Pam Smith talked to him. 
If we as farmers want citizens, who have no farm background to understand us, we must prepare to explain and justify our practices. 
Though our location is remote, we need to communicate with the world.
American Farmers are nice people doing the best job they can to provide food for as many people as possible. As people get to know the farm community we believe  they will gain an appreciation of it.

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