Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happily Ever After!

There once was a boy who went to the prom alone. He hung out at the punch bowl and kept his eye on the girl of his dreams.

Who had come to the prom with his older brother.
After a long night at the stag table,
And a boring evening at the prom
Little brother turned things around
and lived happily ever after.
Happy Birthday JoAnn, the first love of both Lukens Brothers!


  1. Happy Birthday JoAnn!! We aren't getting older, just better!! Yesterday Candy and I were at a wrestling match where both of us had grandsons wrestling. Hard to believe how time flies!! And to think I remember every picture!! Have a great day!! Charlotte

  2. Happy Bday Aunt JoAnn! I am very sure Gma Dorothy would LOVE to know these pictures are being appreciated and used decades after she took them. Great post Mom.