Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fulfill the Barley Contract.

Last fall when we combined our barley, it was put into bins on our farm to store for later delivery. Some of the barley was contracted to Anheuser-Bucsh . They own elevators in the barley growing region of the great plains and we agreed to deliver the grain during the winter.
As the barley is transferred from bin to truck, it is run through a vacuum cleaner to help remove impurities. Malting barley is the goal, but the elevator is free to reject any grain that does not meet the standards set forth in the contract. It would then be graded as feed barley and sold for a lower price.
The vacuum replaces the auger in this operation and there is a fancy connection on the bottom of the bin that includes an old towel and duct tape.
The barley travels out of the bin, through the hose, into what Farmer Fred calls a vacuvator. These machines are also called vaculators and grain vacs. Whatever the name, the grain is cleaned up before entering another hose where it is dumped into the truck trailer.
The grain vac is powered by the tractor's hydraulics and the power take off. We refer to it as "PTO" and that does not stand for paid time off or Parent Teacher Organization!
From bin through the hose to the vacuvator, then up the pipe and into the truck.
The area is clear of snow and the elevator has given us the opportunity to continue hauling until our contract is fulfilled. Our trucks will be running to the Busch Elevator until the crop is delivered.

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