Thursday, February 4, 2010

Delivering Wheat

Above:  The morning temperature is just below zero fahrenheit, snow is wafting to the ground, and the semi is waiting by the bins.
Above:  Farmer Fred has Old Red standing by.
Above:  We are hauling wheat to the elevator.
This wheat was contracted for winter delivery. That made harvest move faster because our bins are located closer to our fields and we don't have to wait in line to unload. It gives elevators a chance to ship the harvest more continuously through the year. 
Above:  We are still moving snow as we finish loading the first truck. We have several bin sites, so pushing snow will be a regular activity.
Above:  Notice that the grain auger is inserted into the bottom of the hopper bin. 
Above:  Gravity brings the grain down to the bottom of the bin. It then travels by auger up to the semi trailer.
Above:  The tarp is rolled across the loaded trailer and locked in place. It's ready to travel.
Above:  The wheat travels to an area elevator where it will be loaded onto a 110 car unit train and shipped to the west coast by rail. A small step in the process to feed a hungry world.

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