Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I believe it would be impossible to overstate what a popular sport basketball is during the long Dakota winter. These boys are not always wearing pink, but are always good sports for a good cause. Tonight was Breast Cancer Awareness Night and nearly everyone wore a little pink.
Every small school has boys teams and girls teams with winter seasons. Every resident of every school district is aware of these teams, especially the varsity high school teams. In GriggsDakota this season we are especially excited, because we have three athletes from our home school district who have gone on to make the area junior college team. Gus and Seth are on the men's team. They attend our church and Farmer Fred was their high school Sunday School teacher.
Jenna, from another small town in our school district, is a redshirt player. She will practice with the team, but play in no games this season. Tonight her shirt is pink. 
College games are routinely broadcast on local radio stations and the coaches are interviewed for pre game insights. Many high school games are broadcast as well and Saturday mornings are prime time for shows that feature coaches from area teams.
There was a mascot who entertained as a very good band from an area high school provided music between periods and games.
As the starting men are introduced, the coaches watch hoping no one gets hurt in the enthusiastic jumping and bumping. 
Seth, warming up.
Gus checks in.
And is chosen to shoot the free throws when the opposing bench is charged with a technical foul.
 Being in this crowd is a happiness boost during the long GriggsDakota winter. 

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  1. It doesn't matter if it is girls basketball or boys. The seats tend to fill up when there is a game!