Tuesday, January 12, 2010

West to the West Farm

On a recent day in GriggsDakota I drove west. Past the lake, up the hill and further west I went. I was investigating winter and enjoying the chance to get out and look around.

It was snowing a little when I left and a little more as time went on. The wind was in the process of switching from a light northeast wind to the heavy northwest wind. The winter wind from the northwest can blow right through you and brings the coldest temperatures.
When I took this photo the wind was straight from the north, part of the directional change that had been forecast. Visibility is diminished, but this is not bad.
When I got into the shelter provided by the west farm, it was nearly calm and quite pleasant with temperatures still above zero fahrenheit. Time has nearly brought this long abandoned grainery down. 
Cell phones have taken the worry out of being stranded, but I forgot mine at home. It is drifting and cold. Walking a mile or two does not sound appealing today, so I drive to the next corner.
There is no one to yield to in any direction. If there had been another vehicle coming on this winter day, the driver probably would have stopped to visit with me for a few minutes. Today, I just keep going.

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