Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shipping Calves

When the price of feed grain drops
It is time to sell the calves.
                                  So round 'em up,
                                  Sort 'em out,
                                  Load 'em up,
                                  Let 'em go.

These calves will be sold at auction probably to a feed lot. Cattlemen are more likely to buy and pay a little more when the grain market is depressed. The USDA market report that included all unharvested grain in the field as bushels in storage did just that. Since it likely won't take long for the market to correct (corn market to rebound), Jim shipped the calves that were born last spring as soon as he could make arrangements following the market dip. No one knows what the market will actually do, but we watch closely and use our experience to make the best decisions possible for GriggsDakota.

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