Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serious Winter

The winter has become serious and this seems to be a serious winter in GriggsDakota.
I wondered when I saw the heavy crop of pine cones on the evergreen tree in the yard if this meant a cold and blustery winter.
Remember in elementary school when we were told that no two snowflakes were alike? I really cannot believe that. When you see how tiny and delicate they are and realize the billions of flakes it takes to accumulate the piles of snow we now have, it's impossible.
The happy hummingbird
and oriole are gone from my bird feeding station,
but the hardy varieties remain and visit daily.
The insects are all sleeping somewhere, I know they are safe, because they always return.

The geese valiantly tried to keep the lake open for swimming.
They gave up and headed south as they always do.

I keep these wooden reminders in the porch.
I also have blooming flowers,
and my summer pot of fresh herbs. I hope there is enough sunshine to see them and me through to May.
The days are a little longer in both morning and evening. We are cheering for a January thaw, but often don't get one. The forecast for the coming week is all above zero fahrenheit, with highs in the low twenties. We'll take that for any week in January.

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