Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving the Snow

We have sunshine this afternoon and I decided to go outside for some fresh air. It is very fresh air, as the temperature is still thirteen below zero fahrenheit. The glass in our storm door has completely frosted over so note it is on the left of this photo.
The frost was thick and pretty on the door. Designs and sparkles.
Farmer Fred was out in the yard moving snow, a nearly never ending job recently.
Butler perked up when he saw me walking by.
He raced over
To help manage the operation.
Farmer Fred had used the tractor to pile snow around the hydrant. We don't use it in the winter and the extra snow will keep pipes warmer underneath.
Jim had cleared a trail to the livestock pens.
I don't know for sure, but it seemed that birds had been eating from seed pods left on the lilac bush.
When I returned to the door, I had to stop and put baby footprints in the frost on the door. Did you ever do that on a school bus? Use the side of your clenched fist for the body of the foot and finger tips for toes. I left a cute little piece of art in the frost. My friends and I used to make walking trails of baby feet, jumping from window to window on a frosty school bus during the long ago winters in GriggsDakota. In the interest of keeping this important technique alive, I taught it to many students during bus rides as a substitute teacher in GriggsDakota. (No babies were chilled in the making of this post.)

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  1. I am happy that I "followed in your footsteps" when I made footprints in the bus windows with my friends during our longs rides to school!