Friday, January 29, 2010

Keeping the Roads Open

During a snowy winter, such as this, keeping the roads open becomes an issue. With miles between farmsteads, neighbors work together and use their own snow removal equipment between snow plow passes on gravel roads. The townships and counties simply cannot afford to keep it all open. Notice the finger drifts reaching across this gravel road in GriggsDakota. Winds were increasing and it is snowing. This road could be blocked by morning.
The highways are a priority and are kept open whenever possible. 
Whenever drifts begin to build up on the side of the road, the area road crew gets to work.
There are countless stories of snowplows leading vehicles or rescuing people who were stranded on the road or in the ditch during a storm.
 All they ask of us is that we stay out of their way and give them room to work. I was aware of that and didn't quite get the photo I wanted as the snowplow passed. Plus the driver waved at me, which might have slowed me down an instant.
And to let you know how well we take care of one another out here, notice the speck on the road behind the distant snowplow. That was a neighbor in his pickup who stopped just to make sure everything was okay when he saw my pickup stopped on the side of the road. Neighbors on the prairie are the best in the world!

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