Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeding Cattle and a Smiling Farmer

Stacked lines of bales ready for winter feeding and bedding are a common sight around GriggsDakota.
Although the fields are snow covered and the machinery is put away, the cattle have to be fed every day. Jim brings bales into the feeding yard located in an old farmstead.
The loader tractor has to be plugged in when not in use, so that it will start every day despite the cold temperatures.
Jim had started before I arrived and the cattle pause briefly to look at me, an intruder in their sanctuary. The trees break the wind and minimize the cold. It had been snowing and their coats insulated them so that the snow had not melted on their backs.
By the time Jim arrives in the yard they are back to the bales. He drops the front bale, then moves to the other side of the yard to unload the one on the back.
"Do all happy cows live in California?" I asked. Their mouths were full and they were too polite to reply, but they looked pretty happy in GriggsDakota.
 So does the smiling farmer below who grew up to be Grandpa Sonny.
Oscar Joseph Huso, Jr. turns 85 today.

He enjoyed a good snowball fight from an early age and passed that enthusiasm on to his children.
Happy Birthday from those you taught to love GriggsDakota.

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