Friday, January 8, 2010

Chew on This!

Robbie left his pack of gum on the mouse pad of my desk. "Fifteen chances to turn an enemy into a friend."  I smiled as I imagined the advertising professionals (near and dear to my heart) who came up with that line and got it placed on the inner flap. What else could we print on this box? My high school English teacher would have suggested, "Fifteen chances to look like a cow chewing a cud." Mothers of young children might say, "Fifteen chances that this will get in your child's hair." (Rub the gum with peanut butter to remove.) Interesting that the advertisers didn't come up with a promise of fresh breath or kisses. "Fifteen chances for breath fresh enough to kiss."  But if my enemy (do I have enemies?) offered a piece from this pack of gum I would fear he was trying to spread the flu virus. "No, thank you!" 

In 1931 Coca-cola began commissioning art that included Santa Claus in their Christmas advertising. Above is the reason that Santa has endured with Coke. The Farm Inspector wasn't familiar with Coca-cola, but couldn't wait to climb up and try what was in the Santa Claus can! 
I wonder if the love of Coca-cola has a genetic link or is it spread through the magic of Santa?

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