Monday, December 28, 2009

A Snowstorm for Christmas

There was a Christmas snowstorm in GriggsDakota which stopped traffic of all kinds in the entire state. We were fortunate to gather our family before it set in and spent the stormy days enjoying a festive time together.
Now that Christmas is over and the storm has passed, there are ice crystals in the air under blue skies.
The wind has stopped, the world is fresh and white, but very cold.
Sundogs were visible this morning. These mock suns, also called parhelia, are reflections that appear on each side of the sun. It is the sun's rays reflecting off the ice crystals in the atmosphere that cause this partial rainbow in our beautiful sky. We know this often indicates very cold weather in GriggsDakota. The forecast predicts we will dip below zero fahrenheit tonight, but we don't mind.
We'll dream a little more of Christmas
And the bounty 2009 provided in GriggsDakota.
Then we will take down the decorations
And get some much needed rest. 

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