Thursday, December 3, 2009


Snow has arrived in GriggsDakota. With the optimism of a native, I predict we will still be dealing with these flakes in March. I do appreciate the four seasons, as long as winter is not six months long. Since people here have short memories, we won't count October as a 2009-2010 winter month even though it was cold and snowy. We will just call it fall. November was so warm we will count that as summer because the summer months were so cold, that everyone kept saying it felt like early fall. We will hope that winter ends before late May. That way winter will be short enough for us not to mind it too much. We will probably not remember when it actually started, anyway. 

The truth is that if we didn't have the weather to discuss, the cafes might go out of business. People would run out of things to say to each other. We might not feel the need to drive to town for coffee as often. Or even worse, without the weather to discuss, we might start gossiping about our neighbors. The neighbor's relative would surely be in the coffee shop to overhear the gossip, then rush back home and repeat it. Well, you can see, this would cause all kinds of trouble in the GriggsDakota area. So we are grateful for our four seasons, but hope winter is not ridiculously long.
One thing the snow does is enhance the Christmas lights that Farmer Fred put on a tree in the yard. They look much brighter when reflected in the snow. 
This sign is a good reminder as the snow begins our winter driving season. I like this sign so much because it reminds me of advice I have repeated to my children a thousand times. Whether they were driving a car, tractor, truck, or embarking on an adventure of another sort, they heard their mother say "Just stay between the lines on the highway!" I hope you do, as well.
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