Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Putting Things Away

Above:  It is clean up time in GriggsDakota. The November sunshine and above normal temperatures have lessened the agony of the October snow. We were able to complete the harvest, though not entirely the way we had planned because of the wet muddy conditions and late dates for harvest. As the calendar turns to December, we find ourselves enjoying what the weatherman predicts will be the last of our above average temperatures. Winter, with its cold winds and snow, will arrive this month. That is a certainty, so we are putting things away. 
Above:  The morning sun is shining from far to the south today. It glistens on the frost painted surfaces of early morning. In truth, it is not that early. The sun did not rise here until 8:03 this morning. Some equipment will spend the winter in the meadow and some will be stored indoors after its final use of the season. 
Above:  Robbie is using the Case IH 9280 to pull things into place.
Above:  The neater they go in, the more equipment that the space will hold. 
Above:  Swathers, Headers, combines, trucks, tractors, as many as we can fit into any space we can find. This is also the time of year to put away anything that has been left laying out in the yard. Water is drained from pipes and hoses or antifreeze is added. We will soon have a blanket of snow that will hide the ground until Spring.
Above:  The sunshine casts our shadow on the floor of the storage building. Another season is finished.

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