Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Who can tell the difference between a picture of a sunrise and that of a sunset?

 I cannot. In GriggsDakota the sky is big and the horizon wide. 

I will readily admit that I have enjoyed many more sunsets than sunrises. 

Watching a sunrise, especially in the summer has always felt like a triumph to me. I can awaken with the chickens, but I have never done it on a regular basis.

 There are landmarks in photographs of the sun that determine in my mind which is early, which is late. The sunshine is so similar to my eyes, always magical in its coming and going. 
As a child of the plains, I know both the sun's power and its limitations.
 The light of the world, but not the Eternal Light of the World. Unable to fully conquer darkness or cold, it simply comes and goes. 
Yet, it is we who do the traveling like flies in a car, buzzing around, unaware of our bigger journey. 
The sun has just begun its trip back to us in the North. It has left us cold and frozen, but time has not frozen.
Time keeps moving. We too, as passengers of the earth continue to travel into the future. 
Happy New Year! With love from GriggsDakota

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