Monday, December 21, 2009

The GriggsDakota Christmas Tree

Shortly after Thanksgiving, farmer Fred took a trip to a nearby city where he spied a lot full of Christmas trees next to one of his favorite stores. It didn't take him long to determine:  1. The trees were fresh cut in Minnesota  the previous week.   2. Each variety of tree was one price no matter how big the tree was.  3. Which variety was the cheapest.  4. His favorite variety of Christmas tree is a Scotch Pine. 
 Many folks have started to use artificial trees, but according to an article I read recently, all those trees eventually get tossed in the landfill where they will take hundreds of years to decompose. We've always preferred a real tree, anyway, so I was glad to read that. The frozen tree waited all bundled up for just the right moment. It was then brought inside where the string that held it together was removed.
 With lights and some ornaments it is a sure sign that Christmas is just a few days away. 
The tree is decorated and smells like Christmas.
Darkness bring bubbling, glowing Christmas magic to GriggsDakota.
And there is magic outdoors, too. This twinkling beauty is southeast of the old farmhouse. It is tucked away during daylight in the woods by the lake. During the darkness, which is over 15 hours per day this time of year, it is visible from the road and my kitchen window. 

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