Monday, December 14, 2009


A Holiday Party was held recently for the Madmen Admen (and women) that included a familiar pair from GriggsDakota. Time to fabulize for the evening. My spell check does not like the word fabulize, but I love it. Fabulize seems to be the most appropriate word to describe the preparation. The word "fabulize" has been popularized by Lisa Simpson of "The Simpsons" television show and means to become fabulous. The invitees were to come dressed as if they were working in an Advertising Agency during the nineteen sixties.
Above:  With an extra set of eye lashes and hair fully fabulized in a sixties ratted upsweep, Katie works to fabulize her makeup. 
Above:  Farmer Fred spent an hour fabulizing before the party. Just in case the evening turned into a yawn, it is important for him to be well rested!
Above:  Fully fabulized and ready to go. Katie chose a pink silk suit with a detachable fur accent for the evening of fun. His glen plaid suit and nap were enough to fabulize Farmer Fred for the party, which was never a yawn. 

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