Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Cold Road of December

Above:  The weather was hovering around five degree fahrenheit this morning and winter has gotten a firm grip on the area landscape. Today dawned bright and we had errands in a few area towns.
Above:  We found the elevators were still drying corn and area farmers are still combining. We saw a combine crew working, but I did not have the heart to stop and photograph them struggling in the snow and cold. Combining in temperatures this cold is hard on the equipment and the farmers.
Above:  The colder the day the more billowy steam is emitted from the dryer. It is a common, but rather spectacular sight in the towns near GriggsDakota this time of year.
Above:  We found area churches and families had set up nativity scenes in their yards.
Above:  I thought everyone looked terribly cold and miserable this morning, except for the angels who were serene as usual. Baby Jesus is covered with a blanket of snow.
Above:  This Christ Child seemed to be begging to be picked up and swaddled a little tighter. 
Above:  Finally, a nativity with the good sense to leave the baby indoors until His expected arrival on Christmas Eve.
Above:  It was good to get out and travel the long cold road of December.
copyright Jane Huso Lukens 2009

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