Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is a day when words seem inadequate. So many soldiers have sacrificed so much in order for us to enjoy our daily life in GriggsDakota. Veteran's Day was set aside to honor all the veterans in America. We will do that by introducing you to one.
Above:  Three proud generations left to right:  Peter, Donald and Fred Port. Don, a World War II Veteran is Farmer Fred's uncle.
Above:  After serving his country in the Pacific, Uncle Don came home to ranch in Sioux County, where he was born and raised.
Above:  He married his sweetheart, Patricia. They settled into their American Dream.
Above:  Together, they raised a family of four daughters. Don and Pat worked hard on the ranch and in their church and community. 
Above:  Uncle Don is 91 now, and living in Bismarck.  He has been an outstanding example to his family. Farmer Fred remembers him as an enthusiastic sports fan and a gentle, quiet cowboy. Today we would like to say "Thank you for your fine service to your country and may your cards turn up lucky at the Senior Center this afternoon."

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