Monday, November 9, 2009

Finishing the Beans

Above:  Today was a day to savor, a memory of how beautiful November can be. We have finished our soybean harvest and are working on the last of the edible beans. These were picketed weeks ago and we were unable to get them combined before the rain. It is slow going, but we are feeling a sense of relief, because the end is in sight.
Above:  Stopping to adjust the combine, there is a serenade from wild geese. I surmise that migrating geese are being hosted by those who make their summer home here. It seemed as if there was quite a bit to discuss.

Above:  Farmer Fred and Robbie make adjustments to help get the tough vines through the machine.
Above:  Soon they have the two picket rows that form the swath smoothly rolling into the combine. The beans appear in relatively good condition despite six weeks of rain and snow.
Above:  The beauty of land and sky, one of the great joys of farming in GriggsDakota. Tomorrow we will start on the corn.

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