Monday, November 2, 2009

Auction Today!

No matter how calm things appear on the surface, you never know what drama might be unfolding somewhere near GriggsDakota. Row across the water, hike through the meadow, and climb a tree. What would you find?
An Auction Sale. We had a call to come and help with the loader tractor which is very handy for setting up the heavy shop items and getting the trailers into a straight line.
Auction sales are happy and sad. The day is a relief to those who have worked long and hard to assemble the items being sold. It takes solemn determination to finish the chapter on a farm and to do it well. It is emotional to come to the end of a generation of memories, but we know this day should be fun. 
Items are put in boxes and placed on flatbed trailers.
A pig collection, a spoon collection, dishes - old or modern, books, linens, one of everything.
Farmer Fred brought the nicest trailer to the auction thanks to his friends at Pinke Lumber. He hitched it to our old flatbed pickup truck.
The trailer was soon piled high with interesting items.
As friends and neighbors gathered, the cat became thoroughly disgusted with the entire event.
Pansies bloom while the Lutheran ladies put down their bags in search of a basement.
When none could be found, they settled on the garage and began to prepare lunch.
Before long, customers began to line up for hot coffee and homemade bars and sandwiches.
Soon the auctioneer called on his speaker to gather around and the auction began.
A box of old tins full of old buttons caught my eye.
The auctioneers broke the sale into two rings, one for the ladies (household) and one for the gentlemen (farm and shop). We all had a good laugh over that. Could this happen anywhere else? Some men bravely chose to bid with the ladies and vice versa. The auction continued until late afternoon.
We enjoyed calm air and sunshine. Good food, friends, and fun combined with the nicest day we have had in weeks. It proved to be very good therapy for everyone at the auction. We have had a tough fall with uncooperative weather and challenging economics to face. Though we are all independent, it helps to know we are not alone.
The furniture sold last and then it was all hauled away. 

A new chapter will begin soon and life will continue on this farmstead. We will be here to help on move in day. A loader tractor, a trailer or two, pickup trucks, strong backs, and good food will serve us well on that day of hard work in the near future. We are looking forward to it. New neighbors are a rare treat in GriggsDakota.

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